BBM Sustainable Design Brighton Waste House Brighton University

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Waste House is a Brighton University research project: a laboratory as big as a house, built out of waste products. The project was shortlisted for RIBA’S 2015 Stephen Lawrence Prize.

BBM Sustainable Design Brighton Waste House Brighton University

A permanent building made out of recycled consumer wastes and materials from building demolitions, with low energy consumption; a laboratory as big as a house for research into sustainable design. This is Waste House, a Brighton University research project by students working under the guidance of architect and professor Duncan Baker-Brown, shortlisted for RIBA’s 2015 Stephen Lawrence Prize.

Waste House is made almost entirely out of waste materials (more than 85%), including building materials from demolitions, such as the recycled tiles on the façade or the recycled wood and plywood panels used in the building's frame.
The unusual thing about the project is its use of ordinary materials such as jeans, DVD cases, floppy disks, video cassettes, toothbrushes, etc. The wastes were used to make blocks of insulation for the building, and transparent panels inside it reveal the unusual contents of the “insulating blocks” in the walls.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Project: BBM Sustainable Design Ltd
Location: Brighton UK

Images courtesy of RIBA



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