Barré Lambot Bâtiment B timber building in Nantes

Nantes, France,

Sport & Wellness, Bar,


This bioclimatic, energy-saving timber building designed by the architects of Barré Lambot is a centre for research and information about wood: a key material in the economy of the Loire Valley.

Barré Lambot Bâtiment B timber building in Nantes

Barré Lambot Architectes, the studio of architects Philippe Barré and Agnès Lambot, created a building that is a manifesto of timber and its uses in architecture for the French timber centre Atlanbois.

The building’s shape recalls a leaf or a drop of water, fitting into the context of Boulevard Léon Bureau in Nantes and interacting with the alignment and urban perspectives of its surroundings. The building’s frame, made entirely out of timber , is entirely visible, shifted to the outside of the building.
The centre's functions are arranged on three levels, with a big central foyer and plenty of glass. Bâtiment B is an exemplary bioclimatic energy-saving building, insulated with natural materials, using natural ventilation in place of mechanical climate control systems, optimised by the building’s layout with a big central foyer and various rooms positioned around it.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Barré Lambot Architectes
Location: Nantes, France
Images courtesy of Barré Lambot Architectes



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