Architettura Matassoni exhibition

Architettura Matassoni,


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The Casa dell'Architettura in Rome is hosting an exhibition on a very active young Italian architectural practice, Architettura Matassoni, run by brothers Alessandro and Leonardo Matassoni.

Architettura Matassoni exhibition
On the basis of the assumption that architectural experience "consists essential of the perception of space through light" and that the observer?s motion and changing weather conditions make this a dynamic experience, architects Alessandro and Leonardo Matassoni investigate the emotional and psychological implications of architectural space.
Collected under the title "Spatial progressions", the projects on display at Spazio MonitorP in the Casa dell'Architettura, in the form of illustrations and models, are representative of the practice?s formal research.

Their design work is carefully controlled and demonstrates an awareness of architectural cladding as a generator of space and of the importance of light.
This awareness is revealed in the composition of the volumes and transferred to the materials and surfaces that determine the form of the cladding, chosen in view of the relationship between light and shadow.
Difference responses to the angle of the light give architectural space the connotations of drama, lightness or heaviness that determine its psychological and emotional impact on visitors.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Architettura Matassoni - Spatial progressions
Location: Casa dell'Architettura - Spazio MonitorP -  Piazza M. Fanti, 47 - Rome