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Andreas Kipar


After graduating from Essen and the Politecnico di Milano, Andreas Kipar (1960) began his eminent professional career in planning and landscape design.
In 1990 alongside Giovanni Sala, he co-founded LAND (Landscape Architecture Nature Development) in Milan.

In addition to their Italian headquarters, LAND has offices in Lugano, Switzerland and Düsseldorf, Germany.
LAND’s urban redevelopment projects for parks, natural areas and agri-landscape systems, green infrastructure and green spaces for the retail industry and businesses encompass everything from masterplan to meticulous attention to detail.
Based on the assumption that "every landscape has its own soul, a reflection of the society that has shaped it", the design studio’s mission takes a multidisciplinary and unique approach, in such a way as to manage "the complexity of apparently fragmented landscapes to possibly reunify them” so they become exceptional places.

This approach results in diverse, effective and original projects, where individual details are coordinated in an overall approach which always places mankind and society at the center of the various strategies.
Over the years, LAND has participated in numerous environmental regeneration competitions and projects.
Examples include projects to reclaim historic green spaces in several cities, including Parco Portello, Milan (since 2000), located over a 240,000 sq.m. area which once housed the Alfa Romeo offices, and Porta Nuova urban project (2016), in addition to the masterplan for the former EXPO - MIND area (Milan Innovation District, 2017).

Raggi Verdi (Green Rays), again in Milan (ongoing since 2005), is a major project that "promotes a new slow mobility like a series of green arteries in the urban fabric, aimed at linking a single system of public pedestrian and cycling spaces, urban parks and tree-lined streets".

From 8 different urban areas, the project is divided into various “rays” that expand outwards towards the edge of the city until they merge into a green ring, the site of a possible pedestrian and cycle path around 72 kilometers in length.
With this design strategy, LAND’s masterplan connects existing and new parks, comprising converted industrial areas, including Bicocca and the former Maserati, Alfa Romeo and OM areas.
LAND designed the strategic plan for Arcipelago Verde, Rome (2012) and Green Tree Strategy, Porto Marghera, Venice (2015), Krupp Park with ThyssenKrupp HQ and masterplan for Freiheit Emscher in Essen (2013), Die Welle and Deutsche Bank management offices in Frankfurt, (2016), redevelopment of the Airolo Valley, Switzerland (2017), Moscow Smart City at Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye and open spaces for Dubai Expo 2020 in the UAE.

Other notable projects include the masterplan for Cammino del Bardolino, inland area at Garda (Verona), strategy to enhance the Valle del Sacco (Frosinone) and six new parks at Costermano sul Garda.
These projects are designed to redevelop and enhance the region, and are strategically planned to highlight the environmental features of the local landscape through innovative or more traditional designs, while focusing on technological innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency.

LAND has received many major national and international awards for their work, including the Mercurio Special Award 2018, MIPIM Award for Best Urban Regeneration Project for Porta Nuova in 2018, Russian Award in Landscape Architecture, WAN AWARDS - Future projects 2016 with the International Financial Center, Moscow, international PLEA Award – Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Bologna in 2015, Italian Gold Medal for Architecture in 2012 and European Landscape Construction Award (ECLA) with Fiera di Rimini in 2002.

For the Studio’s 25th anniversary in November 2014, Spazio FMG per l’Architettura held the exhibition LAND 25 - Tribute to the Italian Landscape in Milan.
Teaching has also been an important part of Andreas Kipar’s career. He lectured in landscape architecture at the Università di Studi, Genoa from 2000 to 2010 and has been a professor at the Politecnico di Milano since 2010. He has also held seminars and lectured on Public Space Design in many universities (Dresden, Venice, Zürich, Versailles and Dortmund).

A monograph on Kipar’s work was published by Alessandra Coppa and Giuseppe Marinoni (SMOwnPublishing, 2015).
Andreas Kipar - selected works and projects
- Progetto di pianificazione del paesaggio Expo 2020 Dubai (UAE), 2020
- Mostra di giardini Emscherland 2020, Essen (Germania), 2020
- Vert-de-Gris - Corridoio di Biodiversità a Saint Laurent, Montréal (Canada), 2018 - in corso
- Masterplan Raggio Verde Mönchengladbach, (Germania) 2017 - in corso
- Muro di Krombacher - L’Onda verde , Krombacher (Germania), 2017
- Risanamento del fondovalle di Airolo, Canton Ticino (Svizzera), 2017 - in corso
- PAL3 - Programma di agglomerato del Luganese di terza generazione, Lugano (Svizzera), 2016
- Porta Nuova, Milano (Italia), 2016
- Die Welle, Francoforte sul Meno (Germania), 2016
- Strategia Albero Verde Venezia, Porto Marghera, Venezia (Italia), 2015
- Parco Baronio, Ravenna (Italia), 2015
- Parco Khodynka, Mosca (Russia), 2014
- Ex Manifattura Tabacchi Napoli, Napoli (Italia), 2014
- International Financial Center, Mosca (Russia), 2014 - in corso
- ThyssenKrupp Quarter, Essen (Germania), 2013
- Masterplan Arcipelago Verde (2012), Roma (Italia), 2012
- Campus della Banca UniCredit in Austria, Vienna (Austria), 2012 - in corso
- Roma Arcipelago Verde, Roma (Italia), 2012
- Parco Adda Mallero, Sondrio (Italia), 2011
- Palacongressi di Rimini - Parco Ausa, Rimini (Italia), 2011
- Krupp Park, Essen (Germania), 2011
- Sede centrale di ThyssenKrupp, Essen (Germania), 2010
- Uffici generali Diesel, Breganze (Italia), 2010
- Masterplan Raggi Verdi, Milano (Italia), 2005 - in corso
- Parco del Portello - Ex Alfa Romeo Area, Milano (Italia), 2000 - in corso
- Bicocca, Ex Pirelli, Milano (Italia), 1994-2010
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