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Andrea Oliva


After graduating from Politecnico di Milano with a degree in architecture in 1998, Andrea Oliva began his highly personal in-depth analysis of various different spatial solutions, with a particular focus on environmental sustainability and on conversion of existing areas and buildings for new functions, often with a social purpose.
Oliva founded cittaarchitettura in 2000, and the next year he became an external faculty member of the Architecture and Engineering Faculty of Parma University.
His studio’s production includes two particularly significant projects exemplifying a vision of design which demonstrates respect for history and “underlines all its peculiarities”: the conversion of the old water towers in Budrio (Bologna) and the Casa sulla Morella home.
Redevelopment of the water towers (a project which won the Centocittà prize in 2003), based on an attentive new interpretation of the shapes and colours of the original wrapper, added a new dimension to the building (now an important cultural centre) by expanding its expositional and community features while preserving the spirit of the original material.
This respect for history is also evident in other site conversion and redevelopment projects (redevelopment of Viale Umberto I° in Reggio Emilia and of Soraga Lake).
Casa sulla Morella (2009), a home in the countryside near Castelnovo Sotto, won a silver medal at the International Sustainable Architecture Awards: the theme of sustainability is clearly expressed in a “suspended” structure with two elements (the portico and the living space) which flow together into a partially open unit which is both imposing and lightweight at the same time.
Oliva has also designed residential buildings, public spaces and hotel complexes, and also works with installations and interior design.
Selected projects, Andrea Oliva architect
- Conversion of water towers in Budrio, Bologna (Italy), 2009
- Casa sulla Morella home, Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia (Italy), 2009
- Piazza 24 Maggio, Reggio Emilia (Italy), 2009
- Canale Maestro Wine Bar, Reggio Emilia (Italy), 2007
- Piazza della Vittoria-Piazza Martiri 7 Luglio, Reggio Emilia (Italy), 2006
- Casa del Sole home, Montecchio (Italy), 2004
- Redevelopment of Soraga Lake, 2001
- Redevelopment of V.le Umberto I°, Reggio Emilia (Italy), 2001


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