AmareMare choses ACTIVE FMG and Hilite Metal XXL tiles by Iris Ceramica


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Commitment to the environment and, in this case especially, love of the sea, are inevitably expressed in the choice of materials that surround us. Large slabs of porcelain stoneware like Hilite Metal XXL by Iris Ceramica, are environmentally friendly materials because their reduced thickness diminishes raw material and energy use during production. White Purity Active tiles by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti used for the work surfaces and floors of the new Amaremare space by Giorgia Fantin, Giorgiamare srl, Treviso, actively help reduce pollution and have a beneficial anti-bacterial effect.

AmareMare choses ACTIVE FMG and Hilite Metal XXL tiles by Iris Ceramica

Tiles and flooring produced with the Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ ISO certified treatment play an active role in reducing pollution indoors and outdoors, as well as having a powerful anti-bacterial effect.
These are the two fundamental features for which they have been chosen to cover the surfaces of Amaremare, the new space of Giorgia Fantin, a seafood entrepreneur and owner of Giorgiamare srl.
The company, created in 2009, works in the seafood sector and provides seafood products through the Venice wholesale market. The Amaremare space has recently been opened, with two adjoining areas: one in which customers can view and purchase fresh fish caught daily and the other with a take away area for the preparation and consumption of fish-based dishes, which takes place directly on work spaces.

Working with fresh food destined for consumption in the same space requires high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The choice of eco-active coverings like White Purity Active porcelain stoneware tiles by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti offers added safety and a further guarantee of high standards of hygiene. Together with these eco-active tiles for the worktops, largeHilite Metal XX porcelain stoneware tiles by Iris Ceramica have been chosen. Thanks to their reduced thickness and large format, these are ecologically friendly and are the result of the most advanced research in design and technical features.

As well as aesthetic quality and an anti-bacterial and non-polluting action, tiles treated with Active have another fundamental advantage: only water needs to be used to clean the surfaces, reducing maintenance costs and the emission of chemical detergents and cleaning products into the environment.
In the same way, the use of large formats with a reduced thickness, like Hilite Metal XX allows a significant reduction in grout lines and therefore easier cleaning and maintenance of spaces.
A further demonstration of environmental commitment and in this case especially, love for the sea, is inevitably expressed in the choice of materials that surround us.


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