Actescollectifs landfill project in Switzerland


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The Swiss architects of Actescollectifs have designed a waste disposal facility that maximises the practicality and economy of materials without compromising on aesthetics, proving that architecture is useful to and at the service of all.

Actescollectifs landfill project in Switzerland

Sion, in French-speaking Switzerland. The Swiss studio Actescollectifs demonstrates that the value of architecture is not just a matter of big numbers and prestigious clients. This is the case of the déchetterie, a waste disposal facility that will be used by both the general population and special users. Nothing in the project is left up to chance, including its location, close to the regional waste treatment and recycling centre.

There are two levels made entirely out of concrete below the big wooden roof: one for collecting wastes, located below ground level so that gravity will assist unloading; and another for users to access and move around the facility, with a series of small volumes for different functions such as receiving customers, weighing and separation, warehouses and storage facilities. These volumes determine the routes taken by vehicles and customers entering and exiting the site.

In a world in which architecture often focuses on great architects and clients, on mega-projects or superminimal tones, it is interesting to focus on simple functions from time to time.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2014
Location: Soin, Switzerland
Design: Actescollectifs
Engineer: Sd Ingegnerie
Photos: Actescollectifs



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