19th Century Architecture in Slovenia exhibition

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Ljubljana Museum of Architecture and Design is holding a major exhibition about 19th century architecture in Slovenia.

19th Century Architecture in Slovenia exhibition

A vast programme of initiatives, including tours of the actual buildings and children’s activities, is being organised to accompany the exhibition organised by MAD (Museum of Architecture and Design) in Ljubljana presenting 19th century buildings in Slovenia.

Buildings that had and still have a social function but are often unfamiliar to the very people who use them: key public institutions, residential buildings, places of worship, factories, even the country’s railway grid will be brought to the attention of the public through new and archive photographs, drawings, models and historic documents.

The exhibition concludes a series of events focusing on surveying Slovenia’s historical architectural heritage and represents the first complete overview of 19th century Slovenian architecture, an opportunity to get to know the country’s principal architects and the variety of its constructions from the period in question.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: 19th Century Architecture in Slovenia
Curator: Igor Sapač
Dates: November 28 2013 – March 23 2014
Location: Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Images courtesy of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana