Wine Shop Collalto Store: wine, between architecture and tradition


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Roberto Meneghetti,

Collalto Store, a Wine Shop in the well-known winery in Treviso, opened recently featuring interior design by architect Roberto Meneghetti.

Wine Shop Collalto Store: wine, between architecture and tradition

A rough red plaster wall bearing the coat of arms of the Collalto family characterises the entrance to the newly opened Wine Shop at Conte Collalto Winery in Susegana, Treviso.
The interior design project by architect Roberto Meneghetti centres around the “seasons of wine”. The aim is to take visitors on a sensorial voyage through the odours and perfumes of wine. The Wine Shop is one big space divided into areas for exhibiting products and differentiated sales areas. The space is permeated by the fragrances of wine, as it undergoes various transformations from fermentation of the must to winemaking, with differences reflecting the different wines made at the winery.

A few simple elements used as containers and dividers are differentiated on the basis of the type of sale, and a pane of glass separates the store from the adjacent wine cellar, where historic concrete tanks built in 1904 are visible. In this highly functional space the only concession to decoration, which is never an end in itself but becomes part of its history, is a wall covered with panels depicting important episodes in the history of the Collalto family.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architect: Roberto Meneghetti
Location: Cantina Conte Collalto Susegana - Treviso – Italy

Images courtesy of Cantina Conte Collalto