Wim Wenders Urban Solitude exhibition


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Wim Wenders looks at the reality of the contemporary city in a photo exhibition that opened recently in Rome.

Wim Wenders Urban Solitude exhibition

The photos by Wim Wenders on exhibit in Rome are taken from the 2013 Places, strange and quite series. 25 photographs, all strictly analogical, document the German director and photographer’s vision of the contemporary world.
In his photographs, Wim Wenders describes suspended atmospheres, desolate places, urban scenarios from which man has progressively removed himself thanks to digital technologies.
They are images of memory, permeated by a sense of nostalgia, but also of natural calm, telling stories of the past in which the actions of human beings are perceived through their absence, captured by the photographer.

The exhibition revolves around two cores: urban scenes, influenced by the work of American painter Edward Hopper, and more recent, intimate photographs.
All the images are accompanied by brief texts and haiku written by Wim Wenders himself, which work with the images to clearly express the artist’s thoughts.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Wim Wenders Urban Solitude
curator Adriana Rispoli
Location: Palazzo Incontro, Rome - Italy
Dates: April 18 – July 6 2014

Images: 1999 © Wim Wenders / Wenders Images


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