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The new medical and scientific research laboratories, designed by Bettina Ballus and Franck Vialet’s VIB Architecture studio, can be seen by the public at a recently opened exhibition at the Galerie d'Architecture, Paris

VIB Architecture Ouvert au Public gallery exhibition

Ouvert au Public” (Open to the Public) is a perfect play on words and the title of the recently opened exhibition at La Galerie d'Architecture , Paris, to present the newest works by the VIB Architecture studio, founded by architectsBettina Ballus and Franck Vialet.
Thanks to the exhibition buildings designed by the architects, like the medical and scientific research laboratories that are of public interest but normally not accessible to visitors, are open to the public.

The exhibition follows all the phases, from idea to creation, of VIB Architecture’s most recent projects. The architecture is a combination of years of experience in the field and represents laboratories of the future. Among the projects on display are the unusual Silos 13 created in Paris in 2014 for Ciments Calcia. The two silos containing cement, plus the offices and testing laboratory, built using processes normally reserved for bridges, are part of a collective redevelopment project for railway areas and the creation of new industrial landscapes.The Neurocampus in Bordeaux, 2016, with its striking metallic facade is one of the studio’s most important projects. Finally, there is a look into the future with the work in progress of theEASE (European Aseptic and Sterile Environment training centre) for Strasbourg University and the Institut de Audition in Paris, a renovation and conversion of a 1909 building that will be completed in 2018.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: VIB Architecture - Ouvert au Public
Date: from 23rd May to 17th June 2017
Place: Paris, France

Images courtesy of La Galerie d'Architecture - Paris



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