TYIN tegnestue, Old Market Library, Bangkok


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The Norwegian studio works on projects that improve people’s tenor of life, getting the local people directly involved in the process of design and construction.

TYIN tegnestue, Old Market Library, Bangkok
TYIN tegnestue Architects, the Norwegian studio of Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad, works in poor parts of the world, building necessary constructions with the involvement of the local people at all stages in its projects and using materials which are often the product of reuse of whatever the community has to offer.

The architects work primarily on initiatives aimed at educating the community and encouraging the local people to re-appropriate their own spaces and projects.
One such case is the "old market library" in Bangkok, a library built for the Min Buri Old Market community.

The inner hall measuring 3 x 9 m is divided into two spaces, the first of which is full of bookshelves while the second is for reading and other activities. The project is completed by a small study and a pergola sheltering the courtyard from the strong sunlight.
The interior layout takes into account the possibility of flooding during the rainy season, and for this reason the supports for the books, old wooden crates procured by the local people, are placed at least 50 cm above the floor.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Pasi Aalto, Andreas Grontvedt Gjertsen, Yashar Hanstad, Magnus Henriksen, Erlend Bauck Sole, Kasama Yamtree    
Built by TYIN tegnestue + Min Buri community
Location: Min Buri, Bangkok, Thailand
Photographs: Pasi Aalto



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