Three-dimensional walls at MADE EXPO


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Three-dimensional walls in 18 different textures inspired by natural elements or abstract geometric patterns were presented by 3D Surface at Made Expo.

Three-dimensional walls at MADE EXPO
At Made Expo 2013 a special installation underlined the power and expressiveness of the new textures of the three-dimensional walls designed by Jacopo Cecchi under the artistic direction of Romano Zenoni for 3D Surface.
Cecchi’s three-dimensional walls are inspired by the reality around us: by natural elements and landscapes such as Bamboo or Desert, textures inspired by common objects such as Tenda), Capitonné or Trapuntino, or by abstract geometric patterns inspired by today’s trends in the arts, as in the case of Caos, Tagli or Millerighe.

The new products presented at Made Expo 2013 included Treccia, which means braid in Italian and has a soft texture formed of tassels that combine to create a series of soft braids, and Arabesque, a quilted motif underlining the potential of three-dimensional walls featuring effects of light and shadow that architects can use as internal partitions or dramatic backdrops for custom-designed spaces.