Sundaymorning, residential interior in Pisa


Fabio Candido,

Pisa, Italy,

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The interior design project by sundaymorning architecture and engineering studio in Pisa is based on a new configuration of the interior spaces in a home built in the '60s.

Sundaymorning, residential interior in Pisa

"An opportunity for reflection on the theme of emptiness" is how the architects of sundaymorning (Fabio Candido, Marco Sarri, Massimo Fiorido) describe the residential interior they designed in a building constructed in the 1960s in a middle class neighbourhood in Pisa.
The apartment was characterised by an orderly sequence of spaces and a clear separation between the living and bedroom areas, as was the custom in those days.

The architects redefined the internal distribution of space, eliminating dividing walls and dilating spaces.'
They added to the living area a single container block of fittings and spaces for the kitchen with utility areas behind them. The choice of materials and colours contributes to the perception of this block as an independent element while at the same time distinguishing the functions of the living area. Opposite the block is a bookshelf element incorporating the entrance and completing the conversation lounge.
The bedroom area is accessed via a passageway created out of the bare wall and filtered by a small foyer.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: sundaymorning (Fabio Candido, Marco Sarri, Massimo Fiorido)
Location: Pisa, Italy
Images courtesy of sundaymorning, ph.Fabio Candido



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