Sant Mori Pergola by MESURA


Salva Lopez,

Sant Mori, Catalonia,

Sant Mori, Catalonia. When Ana Maria and Manuel decided to spend as much time as possible in their summer home, the first thing to do was restore life and beauty to the outdoor area by the pool - on a very limited budget.

Sant Mori Pergola by MESURA

The most recent project by Catalan architects MESURA was commissioned by Ana Maria and Manuel, owners of a traditional home in Empordà, specifically in Sant Mori, between Figueres and Girona. The family home was always used in the hottest months of the year, but when Ana and Manuel decided to spend most of their time there, they wanted to make some changes.

They had not been using the outdoor area by the pool as much as they could have. MESURA’s idea and the couple’s intention was to revitalise this space in order to create a meeting-place where three generations could come together and relax.

The solution was simple: building a pergola to provide shade and join the two closed sides of the pool. The result was a metal structure containing three sliding panels that may be used to create a storage space and collect rainwater. Another key to the project was repaving the space using reclaimed tiles and strips of wood.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2016
Location: Sant Mori, Catalonia
Design: MESURA. Partners in Architecture – www.mesura.eu
Photos: Salva Lopez – www.salvalopez.com