Romi Khosla Design Studios, Castro Café

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Romi Khosla Design Studios designed the Castro Café for Jamia Milia Islamia University in New Delhi, centre of social life on campus.

Romi Khosla Design Studios, Castro CafĂ© The Castro Cafe designed by Romi Khosla Design Studios is a semi-open space, a choice determined by the need for a place at room temperature with good ventilation for most of the year in the extreme climatic conditions of New Delhi, where temperatures climb over 45?C in summer and fall under 5?C in winter. The architects describe their project as unique and contemporary, and they are confident that it will change the university’s architecture. The kitchen is a completely closed-in block including food preparation and service areas. The building is developed longitudinally, in an alternation of indoor and outdoor spaces determined by structural elements: the two walls, the roof and the floor, and by their progressive reduction to floor alone. In this transition, the supporting surfaces are the constant elements which unite and join together all the spaces.

by Agnese Bifulco

Architects: Romi Khosla Design Studios, New Delhi.
Location: New Delhi, India
Photographs: Saurabh Pandey



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