Rogelio Salmona exhibition


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The exhibition continues the process begun with the 2008 initiative aimed at introducing Italians to the work of Rogelio Salmona, one of the most important architects in Latin America.

Rogelio Salmona exhibition

"Rogelio Salmona: the poetry of space continuing in time" is the complete title of the exhibition held at "La casa dell'Architettura" in Rome until November 20 2011,  organised in collaboration with the Colombian Embassy in Italy, Fundacion Rogelio Samona and Associazione Interazioni Urbane.

The initiative is the ideal continuation of “Rogelio Salmona: spazi aperti/spazi collettivi” (open spaces/collective spaces), the first exhibition about the Colombian architect's works to be held in Italy.
The exhibition focuses on Salmona's most recent projects, revealing the architect's interest in new materials and techniques and his research into new uses of space. After Salmona's death in 2007, his last projects were completed by his wife and partner in his work, architect Maria Elvira Madrinan.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Exhibition: Rogelio Salmona: la poesia dello spazio che continua nel tempo
(Rogelio Salmona: the poetry of space continuing in time) Dates: October 20 - November 20 2011
Photographs: Enrique Guzman, Gabriel Ossa