Rafiq Azam’s studio Shatotto is a finalist for the MIPIM Award for Best Futura Project

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The Bangladesh Chancery Complex project by architect Rafiq Azam, founder of Shatotto architecture for green living, is one of four finalists for the MIPIM Award in the "Best Futura Project" category. Let us take a look at projects by the Bengali architect published in the pages of Floornature and Livegreenblog.

Rafiq Azam’s studio Shatotto is a finalist for the MIPIM Award for Best Futura Project

Floornature and Livegreenblog have often presented projects by Rafiq Azam and his studio Shatotto architecture for green living. The result recently achieved by his plan for the Bangladesh Chancery Complex, a finalist in the “Best Futura Project” category at the MIPIM Awards, offers an opportunity to rediscover his work, starting with Mara Corradi’s exclusive interview with the Bengali architect for Floornature, accompanied by images of the video interview by Mara Corradi and Roberto Ronchi, presented at a number of events for documentaries and short films about architecture.

Shatotto’s projects in Bangladesh include two homes in Dhaka, the Meghna House and theHouse with pool of water. The way these two projects fit into their surroundings and combine natural elements with concrete exemplify Rafiq Azam’s concept of sustainable architecture. A more recent example in which use of concrete and brick, water and greenery clarifying the architect’s idea of sustainability is the Manum Residence in Chittagong, in southeast Bangladesh. Shatotto’s office buildings include the S P Setia headquarters, the first private commercial building in Malaysia to obtain Leed Platinum certification.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Shatotto



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