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An exhibition dedicated to the works of architect Pietro Lingeri (1894-1968), curated by Gabriele Neri and staged by Onsitestudio, is currently running at the Milan Triennale until 21 November. The initiative is part of the process of enhancing and promoting the work of the great masters that the Triennale Milano has implemented for some years now. To coincide with the celebrations for the seven hundredth anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death, the exhibition also includes design drawings and the original model of the famous Danteum, a work Ligeri designed together with Terragni and that was never built.

pietro Lingeri exhibition - Abstraction and construction Triennale Milano

The Triennale Milano has been promoting and showcasing the great masters of architecture and design for some years now. Through new interpretations and readings, this approach highlights all the topicality and modernity of these key figures in Italian and international design. The exhibition "Pietro Lingeri. Abstraction and construction" dedicated to the Italian architect Pietro Lingeri (1894-1968) opened recently, and will run until 21 November. An important exponent of 20th century Italian architecture, Lingeri was the creator of some of the most important Italian Rationalist projects of the 1930s and of many post-war works in Milan.
Curated by Gabriele Neri and produced in collaboration with the Archive Pietro Lingeri, the exhibition is the result of a process of digitisation of the materials contained in the archive itself, a fundamental phase that will make it possible to increase knowledge and enjoyment of the documents it contains. In the exhibition design by Onsitestudio, the materials on display are organised to propose two possible levels of interpretation.
The more linear first retraces the Italian architect's career in its historical context, through: sketches, drawings, photographs, models and other original materials from institutions and the Pietro Lingeri Archives. The public can therefore learn about the Italian architectural debate of the time and the compositional and constructional research in which the architect was involved. He collaborated on projects with other famous architects of the time such as: Giuseppe Terragni, Luigi Figini, Gino Pollini, Cesare Cattaneo, Piero Bottoni, Mario Sironi, and Mario Radice. There is also a special focus on the architect's post-World War II works in Milan, which are exhibited for the first time in public. In addition, as a tribute to the celebrations marking the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death, the exhibition is enriched by drawings and the original model of the famous Danteum, the temple Terragni designed together with Pietro Lingeri, which was never built.
The second level of interpretation is offered by the heterogeneous contributions of architects and photographers who reinterpret Pietro Lingeri's work from a contemporary perspective. His architecture is not, in fact, isolated and frozen in the past, but has been the object of a constant stratification with episodes that may even be at odds with each other, and it is therefore necessary to offer the public a vision that restores the complexity of values and meanings. This includes a series of photographs of the buildings designed by the Italian architect, captured in their current state by Filippo Romano, artistic reworkings of Lingeri's legacy by Lisa Borgiani, and projects by a number of contemporary architects (Alessandro Scandurra, David Chipperfield Architects, Herzog & de Meuron and Onsitestudio, among others) on the reuse of buildings designed by Pietro Lingeri.
The catalogue, published by Electa and edited by Gabriele Neri, completes and accompanies the exhibition.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Triennale Milano and Pietro Lingeri Archive

Title: Pietro Lingeri Abstraction and Construction
Date: October 8 – November 21, 2021
In collaboration with: Elena Lingeri, head of the Pietro Lingeri Archive
Curated by: Gabriele Neri
Installation design: Onsitestudio
Admission: free
Location: Triennale Milano Italy
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 8 pm (last admission 7 pm)

Photos by: Gianluca Di Ioia (01,10-12), Filippo Romano (02-05), Pietro Lingeri Archive (06-09)



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