"10 architetture italiane" exhibition at the Triennale Milano


Exhibition, Triennale di Milano,

On December 22 an exhibition was opened at the Triennale Milano, offering a look at the current state of Italian architecture through the projects of ten studios, all with founders under 40 years of age, created by Italian architects in the country and abroad.

" title=""10 architetture italiane" exhibition at the Triennale Milano

What is the current state of Italian architecture? What is the focus of younger professionals, both in Italy and abroad? The exhibition that concludes the 2022 programming of the Triennale Milano is dedicated precisely to offering answers to these questions, but above all to providing a first look – not in any way intended to be exhaustive – at Italian architecture created by young professionals working in the country, or who were trained here.
From December 22, 2022 to January 29, 2023, in fact, the Milan-based institution is presenting the exhibition, with free admission, entitled 10 architetture italiane" (10 Italian architectural works), curated by Matteo Ghidoni, Enrico Molteni and Vittorio Pizzigoni. Three villas, a hospitality centre, a theatre, a gallery, a shop, a gate, a loggia and a garden are the ten selected projects. Works that have already been completed or are currently under construction, ranging from very large to small-scale projects, created in Italy or abroad, in small towns or in cities of varying size, whose common denominator is the age of the professionals involved. The selected architecture and design studios, in fact, all have founders who are around 35 years of age and the works presented are architecture already completed or under construction, "to reiterate the fact that the main proof and confirmation of architecture lies in its physical construction". To corroborate this assumption, each project is presented through models made specifically for the exhibition: maquettes in a 1:5 scale, which do not describe the entire architecture, but become a tangible fragment of it, made of different materials, including wood, steel, concrete, MDF and 3D printing, and in different colours. The narrative of the works on display is then completed with photos and other exhibits.

The selected studios and works are: AMAA Office with the design for the Theatre in Terni; Armature Globale for Deutscher–Irving House V1 in Colonno; Associates Architecture for Extra– ordinary Gate in Logrono, Spain; BB (Alessandro Bava and Fabrizio Ballabio) with Effe Minelli, for the Loggia in Val d’Arno; Fondamenta for Villa RP02 in Val di Noto; Parasite 2.0 for Galeria and Bregdetit in Vlorë, Albania; Studio Ossidiana for the Horismos public space in Vleuten, Netherlands; SuperSpatial for Borgo Ognissanti in Florence; Supervoid Architects for La Mistica in Rome; and VG13 Architects for Villa in Marrakech, Morocco.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Exhibition: "10 architetture italiane"
curated by Matteo Ghidoni, Enrico Molteni and Vittorio Pizzigoni
December 22, 2022 – January 29, 2023
Triennale Milano, Viale Alemagna 6, Milan
Free entrance, Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm.

Images courtesy of Triennale Milano 

Captions and credits

01-02 Studio Ossidiana Horismos public space in Vleuten, Netherlands
© Studio Ossidiana

03-04 Parasite 2.0 Galeria and Bregdetit, Vlorë, Albania
© Giaime Meloni

05-06 SuperSpatial - Borgo Ognissanti Florence, Italy
© Delfino Sisto Legnani - Alessandro Saletta

07-08 Associates Architecture Extra–ordinary Gate in Logroño, Spain
© Associates Architecture

09-10 Supervoid Architects La Mistica, Rome
© Giorgio De Vecchi_ gerdastudio

11-12 Fondamenta Villa RP02 in Val di Noto
© Mikael Olsson

13-15 AMAA Office Teatro in Terni
(13) © FRAMAX images
(14) © Rigon Simonetti
(15) © Alberto Sinigaglia, Making of the model

16-17 VG13 Architects Villa in Marrakech, Morocco
© Alberto Rossi (VG13 Architects)

18 Armature Globale Deutscher – Irving House V1 Colonno
© Armature Globale