pasel.kuenzel architects urban villa in Amsterdam

Marcel van der Burg,


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The power of simple things, is how architects pasel.kuenzel defined their recent home project in Amsterdam.

pasel.kuenzel architects urban villa in Amsterdam

The home recently completed by architects pasel.kuenzel is located on Grote Rieteiland, a man-made island to the east of Amsterdam. Surrounded by compact houses lined up along the shore, in accordance with strict, complicated urban planning regulations, the architects have managed to create a building with a unique design using only a few highly effective elements, paying special attention to the details.

The volume of the building is composed of a horizontal rectangle forming the base of the construction, on which rests a second, vertical rectangle containing utility areas, a study, and bedrooms and a big panoramic patio. The rectangle at the base contains the living room, where everyday life takes place, in direct relation to the outdoors thanks to the big glass south wall overlooking the water. The home’s relationship with the street, on the other hand, is mediated by a patio separating the public from the private realm.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: pasel.kuenzel architects
Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Images courtesy of pasel.kuenzel architects, ph. Marcel van der Burg