Neobio Family Park by Li Xiang

Li Xiang – X+Living,

Shao Feng,


Free Time, Exhibition Center,

Li Xiang has created a magical space, a children’s paradise that makes adults wish they were young again. Neobio is an indoor fun park in Shanghai with everything that one could desire, from forests of books where you can play hide and seek, to a child-sized mini city.

Neobio Family Park by Li Xiang

Li Xiang is a talented young Chinese interior designer, the head of X+Living, who has recently completed the Neobio project, an enormous indoor fun park in Shanghai. Its 3000 m2 of surface area are enough to make anyone’s mouth water, including adults. The whole space is divided into themed areas with different furnishings and functions, each one with attention to detail.

On entering, we find ourselves in a sinuous "forest of books", with large shelves, openings, drawers, hiding places and secret corners. The perfect place in which to play hide and seek, but also to read and have fun. There are many other destinations: a climbing area, a space with water games, a room for cookery lessons and one for private parties, allobviously designed for children.

The most intriguing part, however, is definitely, "Sims City", where an entire city has been recreated, complete with houses, restaurants and post offices. Here children can lose themselves and play the widest possible range of characters. And that’s not all: in the centre is a special area dedicated toCosplay.
The joyful, extrovert design of Li Xiang offers endless possibilities and the only way to discover them is probably to visit Neobio.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2017
Surface area: 3000 m2
Architects: Li Xiang – X+Living
Team: Ren Lijiao, Liu Hun, Justin, Fan and Chen
Photos: Shao Feng



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