Nautica Apartment in Panama, by Ventura Arquitectos and Laura Sanchez

Ventura Arquitectos,

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Laura Sanchez,

A good architect knows how to use all kinds of material. This is the case with the Ventura Arquitectos Studio, which has created an apartment in Panama in which wood, stone, metal, glass and fabric combine in harmony, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Nautica Apartment in Panama, by Ventura Arquitectos and Laura Sanchez

Nautica Apartment is located in Coco del Mar, Panama. It is the result of the design skill of Ventura Arquitectos who, together with Laura Sanchez, used the widest range of materials possible to accentuate the welcoming, but multifaceted, nature of the apartment.

The style is elegant and refined, but relaxed. The large, bright spaces and uniform colour range (mostly dark shades) make the interior of this home extremely warm and welcoming, and organic fabrics like linen and cotton play a vital part.

Almost all the furnishings and details have been made to measure by Laura Sanchez: the handrail, beds, library, TV stand, doors, bar corner and much more. The project was commissioned by the architects themselves and the passions and hobbies of the homeowner, music and art, have been employed to the full. The latter has been used as a way of bringing a touch of colour and a spark of vibrant energy, to the whole apartment.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Coco del Mar, Panama
Year: 2016
Surfaces: 260 m2
Architects: Ventura Arquitectos and Laura Sanchez – www.venturaarquitectos.com
Photos: Fernando Alda – www.fernandoalda.com