Morphogenesis, City Centre, Siliguri

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Morphogenesis’ shopping centre is characterised by artistic decorations made specifically for the complex.

Morphogenesis, City Centre, Siliguri
The shopping centre designed by Morphogenesis architectural studios for a well-known Indian chain opened recently. The complex is located in the shopping district of the city of Siliguri in the state of West Bengal, and like other buildings of its type, it combines commercial space with family entertainment, multiplex cinemas and children’s play areas.

The complex stands on a large podium, with different functions arranged around a big central atrium opening up through the building’s full height. The atrium contains vertical links with escalators and is the fulcrum of the entire project. Each level has panoramic terraces overlooking this common area used for public events of various kinds.

The architects designed the various parts of the complex according to the Indian tradition, avoiding spaces with proportions that visitors might find discouraging.
The leitmotiv of the complex is an artistic theme, with decorations which reappear in different areas and sculptures installed on the inside of the main façade.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Morphogenesis
Location: Siliguri, India
Illustrations: courtesy of Morphogenesis



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