Morphogenesis, Campus Lalit Suri Hospitality School

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The Indian architecture studio Morphogenesis is responsible for the design of the campus for the LaLiT Suri Hospitality hotel group.

Morphogenesis, Campus Lalit Suri Hospitality School
Morphogenesis architecture studio designed the campus of a hotel and catering sector training school.
Integrating the building into the landscape, safeguarding the pre-existing woodland and, at the same time, designing a building that could combine tradition with the future of hospitality, were essential aims for the architects.
The first step in the design was to define a base model to organize the rooms and a flexible ground plan so that the many spaces and functions could be easily managed.
The building is not very high, in order to focus on a human sized dimension and not tower over the 10-12 m high trees. The position of this pre-existing greenery was a determining factor in the ground plan. The Northern side of the building opens towards the forest to include the trees that are there. However, on the Southern side, there is a continuous walled curtain where the facing of traditional Indian jaali bricks helps the thermal inertia of the building.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Morphogenesis
Location: Faridabad, India
Images: courtesy of Morphogenesis