More than just spirits: ADR s.r.o.’s Javornice Distillery


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In the village of Javornice, in southern Bohemia, is a distillery designed by Czech architects ADR in a converted 19th century farmhouse. But the building is used to do more than distil fruit.

More than just spirits: ADR s.r.o.’s Javornice Distillery

ADR s.r.o. is an architectural studio that recently completed a restoration and expansion project in the village of Javornice in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. A 19th century farmhouse has become a new distillery for the production of fruit liqueurs.

But the owners wanted to do things in style, and in addition to the distillery they have opened an old-fashioned pub with a dance hall, accommodation for residents and guests, a garage in place of the former barn, a liquor store, a fruit store, a refrigerated fermentation plant, a warehouse and a big garden with a vegetable patch.
ADR focused on preserving the building’s original appearance wherever possible, using traditional materials for the renovation and modern materials in the new parts of the construction.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2016
Location: Javornice, Czech Republic
Area: 483,5 mq
Design: ADR – www.adr.cz/en
Team: Petr Kolář, Aleš Lapka; Jana Zoubková, Markéta Kavalírová
Photos: BoysPlayNice – www.boysplaynice.com
Photographers: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma