Michele Valori. Abitare le case


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The exhibition set up in Palazzo Zenobio in Venice during the last Architecture Biennale goes on to MAXXI, enriched with 35 new drawings.

Michele Valori. Abitare le case
Architect, urban planner and teacher Michele Valori was a key figure in Italian architecture in the second half of the twentieth century. MAXXI Architettura and Associazione Michele Valori are holding an exhibition of his work under the title "Abitare le case" (?Living in homes?).

Presented at the Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia at Palazzo Zenobio, the exhibition now goes to Rome with the addition of new elements such as the plans for Torre Spagnola (Matera, 1954) and INA Casa (Civita Castellana, 1950), as well as numerous other records of the architect?s work: original drawings, photographs, models, and vintage video interviews with a particular focus on the theme of the home.

The exhibition, curated by Maristella Casciato and Susanna Nobili, consists of a selection of materials from the Archivio Valori, which the architect?s family donated to MAXXI Architettura in 2006.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Michele Valori. Abitare le case
Curators Maristella Casciato and Susanna Nobili
Dates: January 23 – February 17 2013
Location: Sala Centro Archivi MAXXI Architettura