M:OFA, ITM School of Business - Gwalior, India

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A solid construction, forward-looking but anchored in tradition, by the architects of Indian studio M:OFA in Gwalior, India.

M:OFA, ITM School of Business - Gwalior, India
The ITM School of Business campus built in Gwalior, India by M:OFA architectural studios is a closed-in solid stone volume with few openings. Above the building, a light industrial roof hovers on slender pillars. Two apparently contrasting elements, solidity and lightness, effectively contribute to the building?s sustainability and energy efficiency. The roof offers shade and shelter but is open to permit natural ventilation and cool down the spaces below. For the same reason, thick vegetation on the ground floor retains moisture to moderate the temperature.
The interior is a succession of fluid, flexible spaces, designed by the architects of M:OFA reinterpreting the conventional compositional schemes of Indian architecture. The inner courtyard, for example, a space for reflection and introspection; or the Jaali, used as sunshades, creating unusual effects of light and shadow.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Manish Gulati, Abhinav Chaudhary, Purushottam Arambam, Priyanaka Mahajan, Sabyasaachi Ghosh. M:OFA
Location: Gwalior, M.P. - India
Photographs: Manish Gulati



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