Lukstudio’s "Culinary Village": a showroom for Arda

Christina Luk – Lukstudio,

Peter Dixie,

Zhejiang, China,


Imagine a village made up of little houses without bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms, only kitchens. This is the concept behind Lukstudio’s project for Arda: a different kind of showroom, where every single kitchen is set in a custom-designed space of its own.


"A village of ideal kitchens". This is how Christina Luk, head of Lukstudio architectural studio, describes the showroom designed for Arda, a high-end Chinese living room and kitchen furniture brand. The project is based on the assumption that the kitchen is the true heart of any home, and exhibits kitchens in four different domestic scenes, along with a gallery, a cooking class area, a VIP lounge and a big multi-purpose garden.

It is not so much a showroom as a complete brand experience, a voyage designed in great detail from start to finish. The entrance is marked by vertical gardens and a white box. Then there are a number of steps suspended over a stream of water going into a dark tunnel. A video on the left introduces the Arda brand, exhibition space and technologies, after which visitors enter the "village" itself.

The little houses stand out against a black background, but inside them there are no bedrooms or bathrooms, only kitchens and dining rooms. Each of the kitchens on display represents the platonic ideal of a particular type of kitchen: minimalist white, total black, rustic, modern. And at the end of the voyage, all we have to do is decide which one we like best!

Francesco Cibati

Location: Zhejiang, China
Year: 2017
Surface area: 1000 sqm
Design: Christina Luk – Lukstudio – www.lukstudiodesign.com
Team: Leo Wang, Yiye Lin, Alba Beroiz Blazquez, Jinhong Cai, Ray Ou, Marcello Chiado Rana, Yiren Ding, Kun Ma
Photos: Peter Dixie x LOTAN Architectural Photography, PROJECT|ION


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