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February 22 saw the inauguration of Dubai’s new Museum of the Future, designed by Killa Design for the Dubai Future Foundation, an iconic building that stands out in the Arabian city and aspires to become a new world landmark in science. The construction itself is futuristic, designed entirely using BIM, and will contain a permanent exhibition about all aspects of the future, in all sectors.

Killa Design Museum of the Future Dubai

A "museum" is a collection of artworks, or of historical or scientific artifacts, meeting certain criteria of organic unity, but it inevitably tends to be associated with the past, with the preservation of “what was”. The “Museum of the Future” (MOTF), opened recently in Dubai, focuses on “what will be” instead.

Designed by architectural practice Killa Design with Buro Happold, the building contains a permanent exhibition representing all aspects of the future, in all sectors. Visitors are offered a glimpse of how we will be living and working 50 years from now thanks to the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies, data analysis, artificial intelligence and human/machine interaction. The museum is intended to be a unique hub for the visionaries, talents and great minds who will be moulding the world of the future, coming up with innovative solutions to the challenges facing humanity.

Built on Dubai’s main motorway route, and next to its driverless metro line, the MOTF is an iconic 77-metre-high building with an interior on seven levels containing no internal pillars. Shaped like a human eye, symbolising knowledge and vision of the future, the building is inspired by numerous symbolic connotations: its façade, for instance, is covered by 1024 stainless steel panels, a number representing the kilobyte, the unit of measurement of information, or of the quantity of data, composed of 1024 bytes. The windows engraved in the panels reproduce Arabic characters forming three quotes written by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, transformed into a work of calligraphy by artist Mattar bin Lahej.
The museum’s complex geometry meant that these engraved panels had to be produced one by one, through parametric modelling, because every single one of them is different from all the others. The entire building is a complex, ambitious structure built by both humans and machines, blending science and technology, inspiring visitors’ attempts to imagine the future and the possibilities it has in store for humanity.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Museum of the Future https://museumofthefuture.ae/en

Project Name: Museum of the Future
Location: Dubai, UAE
Client: Dubai Future Foundation
Architect: Killa Design https://www.killadesign.com/

Services provided by Buro Happold: Acoustics, Bridge engineering and civil structures, Building Services Engineering (MEP), Facade engineering, Fire engineering, Ground engineering, Infrastructure, Lighting design, People movement, Structural engineering, Sustainability, Transport and mobility, Waste management

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