Izabelin House: a mirror in the forest outside Warsaw

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Polish architect Marcin Tomaszewski designed a family home in the heart of the forest outside Warsaw, a building on two levels with outer cladding that makes it look as if it were floating in the air.

Izabelin House: a mirror in the forest outside Warsaw

In Poland, in the middle of the forest outside Warsaw, there is a building that appears to be enchanted: Izabelin House, designed, built and photographed by Polish architect Marcin Tomaszewski for ReForm Architekt.

The building is made up of two rectangular blocks set perpendicularly to one another, of which only the upper one is clearly visible. To create the dramatic effect of a white volume floating in the air, surrounded by trees, Marcin Tomaszewski covered the lower level with a reflective mirror surface. The architect drew his inspiration for the project from nature itself.

And so the big living room, office and garage "disappear" into the greenery, leaving the bedrooms and bathrooms suspended in the air as if the home, or rather, its upper level, were entirely without weight.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2014
Design: Marcin Tomaszewski - ReForm Architekt
Location: Izabelin, Poland
Surface area: 400 sqm

Photos: Marcin Tomaszewski



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