Istanti di luoghi Exhibition by Ferdinando Scianna

Ferdinando Scianna/MagnumPhotos/Contrasto,

Milan, Sicily,


An exhibition dedicated to the landscape and to the many places that the great Italian photographer has encountered through experience, a tale told in images that begins in Sicily and embraces the whole world.

Istanti di luoghi Exhibition by Ferdinando Scianna

Forma Meravigli, Milan, is hosting the exhibition "Istanti di Luoghi" (Instants of Places), a selection of over 50 black and white photos by Ferdinando Scianna, the first Italian photographer to become a member of the famous Magnumagency.

Photos of landscapes are a constant feature in the career of Ferdinando Scianna, ranging from his Sicily, to the Ivory Coast, the Po Valley, South America, the heart of Europe, Russia and more. Places that he did not search for but met through his life and work. Ferdinando Scianna says “I always thought I take photos because the world exists, not that the world exists because I take photos of it.”. In fact, the photographer has not chosen to immortalize famous sites or tourist attractions. His interest is all for spaces,, whether views of the desert, glimpses of cities or a view seen from an open window.
An integral part of the exhibition is a room dedicated to Ferdinando Scianna’s books, books he created but also the rough drafts of books never before published, because, as the author himself affirms, creating books in which one can recognise oneself is the aim of his work.
As part of the exhibition, which continues until 30th July , on 9th June Ferdinando Scianna will meet the public in Palazzo Mezzanotte, the home of the Italian Stock Exchange.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Istanti di luoghi by Ferdinando Scianna
Date: 21st April – 30th July 2017
Place: Forma Meravigli, Milan - Italy www.formafoto.it

Photos: © Ferdinando Scianna/MagnumPhotos/Contrasto


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