The Iris Ceramica Group’s Oficina Técnica Matimex opens



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On 10th October Stefano Sannino, Italian Ambassador for Spain, and Federica Minozzi, CEO of the Iris Ceramica Group, opened Oficina Técnica, the Matimex exhibition gallery in Madrid.

The Iris Ceramica Group’s Oficina Técnica Matimex opens

In the historic centre of Madrid, in a lovely old building at number 6 Paseo de Recoletos, just a short distance from the Prado Museum, designers now have a new space dedicated to international workshops and events. It is a physical space in which one can see textures and colours, touch surfaces and materials, and discover the applications and new features of the porcelain slabs and coverings by the Iris Ceramica Group. The 10th October saw the opening of Oficina Técnica, the exhibition gallery ofMatimex, an Iris Ceramica Group partner for the distribution of its porcelain products in Spain and some parts of Latin America.

Juan-Luis Grafulla, Managing Director of Matimex, welcomed the Italian Ambassador in Spain, Stefano Sannino, and Federica Minozzi, Iris Ceramica Group CEO, together with a large crowd and all the Matimex staff, for the opening ceremony. A visit to the exhibition space brings an appreciation of how the Group’s brands’ range of surfaces can be used in architecture, together with the innovative applications of Sapienstonekitchen tops. In the spirit of its name“Oficina Técnica”, which suggests a collaborative effort, offered the public a video in the conference hall at the end of the exhibition, in which significant images summarised the production cycle and the important human work that is the basis of production by the Iris Ceramica Group, and transmitted the Italian Group’s fundamental company values, shared by Matimex.



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