The Iris Ceramica Group meets with the press at Cersaie 2017

Bologna, Italy,


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Iris Ceramica Group CEO Federica Minozzi met with the press at Cersaie 2017 to discuss the new products the group is presenting at the event in Bologna.

The Iris Ceramica Group meets with the press at Cersaie 2017

The future holds great things for those who believe, innovate and rethink their concepts1,
This statement by Iris Ceramica Group founder Romano Minozzi introduces and sums up the keys to the company’s mission. The quote opened Group CEO Federica Minozzi’s traditional meeting with the press at Cersaie 2017, focusing on the new products presented in Bologna and the innovative research the Group has underway.

Innovation, Environmental Sustainability and Digital Technology are the three keys to the Iris Ceramica Group, concepts that must be interpreted in the broadest possible sense.
Innovation means not only “new products” or new versions of historic products such as red earth tiling materials, but also expansion into new markets and professional development. Professional development not only for employees but extending beyond the limits of the company itself, through seminars and activities organised in partnership with professional orders and cultural initiatives in the Group’s exhibition galleries and showrooms. This is the context of an important restyling of the Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti showroom in Fiorano Modenese by Area 17, and the recent opening of Oficina Técnica with Matimex in Madrid and Spazio Iris Moscow in Moscow.

Environmental Sustainability has always been a key to the group’s policy, based on the slogan that has inspired Romano Minozzi since 1973 “economy = ecology”. Research and production of ecological materials goes hand in hand with technological adaptation of plants and therefore major economic investment aimed at zeroing levels of pollution resulting from the production process. In parallel, the Group continues to promote and innovate with Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ technology: the world’s only eco-active ceramic coverings, and only products of any kind certified to reduce pollution. Recent research carried out by the European Life project has also allowed photocatalysis to be achieved with LED lighting, as well as antibacterial properties in the absence of light.

The Group’s policy on Digital Technologies is also an all-round approach, not only with apps and virtual catalogues, but above all through dissemination of ideas and “concepts”. The Floornature portal was founded in 2001 to provide information on design culture and a point of contact with architects and designers. And from ideas it is a short step to go on to products; digital technology, innovation and environmental sustainability all go into one of the new products presented at Cersaie: “dys” design your slabs. With Dys, any image or illustration (drawing or photograph) can be used to customise ceramic slabs of any size, even including precious materials such as silver, gold and copper. Dys is a technology used to obtain a 100% customised ceramic product through an industrial process.