Invena by écru architetti shortlisted for the 2013 Federico Maggia prize.

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“Abandoned industrial buildings. Young architects manufacturing ideas” was the theme of the 2013 Federico Maggia Prize, and écru architetti entered “Invena”, a blue staircase for an old industrial building.

Invena by écru architetti shortlisted for the 2013 Federico Maggia prize.

The young architects of écru architetti, founded in Parma in 2012, have created a project midway between art and architecture, “Invena”: a sort of urban acupuncture applied to an abandoned factory. A blue staircase provides a visual signal in the post-industrial context, its bright colour standing out against the cement of the existing building and underlining the break between past and present.

The architectural insert takes us outwards towards new horizons, becoming a landmark in what was a desolate place. The project underlines architecture’s importance as a way of redesigning obsolete places for new uses to benefit the community.

Christiane Bürklein

Design: écru architetti, Simona Bertoletti / Filippo Cavalli / Antonio Sportillo
Photos: © Filippo Cavalli

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