Humble House by Coy Yontis Architects

Coy Yontis Architects,

Tatjana Plitt,

Melbourne, Australia, Australia,

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An older couple who like to travel asked Australian architects Rosa Coy and George Yontis to design a house by the sea that would be humble, easy to maintain and, of course, cosy, generously sized to welcome visitors.

Humble House by Coy Yontis Architects

Coy Yontis Architects of Australia recently designed a house for an older couple in the beachside town of Barwon Heads, south of Melbourne. The couple had only a few, very important requests: the house had to be easy to take care of, to make everyday life easy, and, of course, it had to be large enough to welcome visiting friends and family.

To ensure easy accessibility and adapt to the lay of the land, the house in which this couple of frequent travellers takes refuge between voyages is built on a single level. The structure is entirely covered with timber, while connections between the interior and exterior are encouraged by the presence of big sliding glass doors to make the garden into a domestic space.

Special care was taken to make maintenance easy and facilitate everyday life for an older couple. One-touch technology allows the owners to control features throughout the home with a few simple gestures. The architects report great satisfaction at hearing the owners say how pleasant the home is to live in.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015
Surface area: 249sqm
Design: Coy Yontis Architects – George Yontis, Rosa Coy, Elodie Lim
Photos: Tatjana Plitt