High comfort conservative renovation in a historic villa

Studio Lovato engineering,

Ville, Offices,

At the foot of the historic Euganei Hills the historic villa, Cà Battaja-Belloni, has been renovated by Studio Lovato Engineering, using a Nordwall wall system that respects the original structure and ensures high levels of comfort.

High comfort conservative renovation in a historic villa

In Pernumia, a small village in the countryside near Padua, at the foot of the Euganei Hills, a historic home has been transformed into the headquarters of a perfume company. Villa Cà Battaja-Belloni preserves the typical features of the stately home of the Veneto countryside, a reason for which it was chosen by the client, who was looking for a familiar working environment, linked to architectural tradition and local values.

The need to renovate and restore the spaces to their original splendour combined with the desire for extremely comfortable workspaces that could meet modern needs. Studio Lovato Engineering, which was responsible for the project, carried out a conservative renovation on the structure, to restore its original volumes and spaces. The architects’ aim was to valorise the formal simplicity and visual lightness of the spaces. The need for a working environment with individual offices, dividing the original rooms, was met by using a self-supporting wall system. The walls, with large, glass surfaces, do not alter the perception of the original volumes and allow the spaces to be interpreted as a whole.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architects: Studio Lovato Engineering www.studiolovato.it/
Place: Pernumia (PD) Italia
Images courtesy of Nordwall International www.nordwall.com