HENN places first for Changchun CBD in China


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China continues to erect tall buildings. For every skyscraper completed, more new plans are being approved or beginning construction. At the end of 2016, for example, the winner of the design contest for the Changchun CBD district was announced: the plan submitted by Henn architectural studio.

HENN places first for Changchun CBD in China

Henn studio closed the year 2016 with an important victory: the German studio’s project placed first in the design contest for the Changchun Central Business District (CBD) for the city of Changchun in northeast China.

Changchun is an industrial city, considered China’s principal centre of the automotive industry, and the new district will drive the growth of the city toward the south. It will be located not far from Jilin University, one of China’s most important universities and research centres. The natural environmental conditions (wind, sun and shade, temperature, etc.) and the artificial conditions created by human actions (such as the existing road grid, and the need to avoid casting shadows on the nearby residential district with the new buildings) were extremely important in the project.
For example, in determining the layout of the three buildings in the Central Business District, the architects had to take into account the extension of the existing roads into the construction side. Knowledge of natural events determined the design of the façades of the buildings with aerodynamic profiles to reduce downward draughts: an essential solution for improving quality of life on the lower levels, for, in contrast with the traditional large foundation on the lower levels of skyscrapers, here the architects preferred to create large public spaces, with pathways and landscaped plazas. A relationship with nature is an essential requirement for the architects, and in fact even the shops on two or three levels overlook an inner courtyard, sheltered and developed as a landscaped garden.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: HENN
Location: Changchun, China

Images courtesy of HENN