Henn Architekten, Porsche Pavilion, Autostadt


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The recently opened Porsche Pavilion at the Volkswagen Autostadt museum in Wolfsburg was designed by Henn Architekten.

Henn Architekten, Porsche Pavilion, Autostadt
The Porsche Pavilion was designed by German architecture firm, Henn Architekten, and was constructed in the Autostadt park, Volkswagen?s auto museum.

The theme park designed by WES & Partner landscape architects hosts a number of pavilions (Audi, Lamborghini, Seat, Škoda), all linked to the legendary German automobile manufacturer.
The Porsche pavilion and the Volkswagen pavilion mirror each other across the park?s central axis ? emphasising the relationship between the two auto manufacturers.
The pavilion designed by the Henn architects is a dynamic sculpture that picks up on the Porsche brand.
Based on the same technology used for the light monocoque structures in the automotive and aerospace sectors, the pavilion?s skin is also its load-bearing structure; the cladding is formed of 620 stainless steel panels, prefabricated in a shipyard then assembled onsite. From the outside, this creates the impression of a constantly flowing, seamless surface, whose appearance changes all the time depending on light and weather conditions.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Project: Henn Architekten
Location: Wolfsburg, Germany
Photos: © HG Esch; © HENN



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