Gyoza Bar by alvinT

alvinT - Alvin Tjitrowirjo,

West Jakarta, Indonesia,

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Young Indonesian designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo, owner of alvinT studio, recently created a bar in Japanese style. Its distinguishing feature, as in all alvinT's work, is use of local materials and customised production of every single item of furniture and ornament. The result is clearly top-class!

Gyoza Bar by alvinT

Design studio alvinT recently designed the interiors of a bar in Japanese style in Djakarta, Indonesia. Alvin Tjitrowirjo's extravagant fairy-tale-like interpretation forms the perfect bond between contemporary Japanese culture and its most ancient, traditional distinguishing signs.

The result is a bright, cheerful environment in pastel colours that looks like something out of a manga. The graphics and posters on the walls, the chairs, tables and big canopy shaped like a Gyoza were custom-designed to give the project a particularly well-cared-for look.

alvinT's style is perfectly expressed in the use of uniquely Indonesian materials, for he is a great supporter of the traditions and handcrafting skills typically associated with Indonesia and uses them in practically all his designs to draw the world's attention to them.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Central Park Shopping Mall - West Djakarta, Indonesia
Design: Alvin T – www.alvin-t.com
Photos: Courtesy of the architect