GMP, National Stadium Warsaw

Marcus Bredt,

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The 2012 European Championships kicked off on June 8 in the new stadium in Warsaw designed by the architect of German studio gmp.

GMP, National Stadium Warsaw
The new National Stadium in Warsaw stands on the site of an older sports facility, the Dziesieciolecia Stadium, abandoned since 1988. The project presented by gmp Architects won the competition held in 2007.

The new construction, with its façade in the colours of the Polish flag, is the heart of a new sports centre located to the east of the city centre on the Vistula River.

Two key elements make up the structure designed by gmp Architects: the truncated cone of the stadium body, made of prefabricated concrete, and the roof, a dense grid of steel tie rods supporting a textile membrane.
The outer façade of anodised steel panels in the national colours of Poland shelters the stands and the internal service areas. The red of the lower circles is replaced moving upwards by white, the colour of the roof membrane.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: gmp Architects
Images: Marcus Bredt, Krystian Trela, gmp Architects (disegni)
Location: Warsaw, Poland



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