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More human spaces to work in is the idea inspiring the Corujas Building project by FGMF Architects, winner of the Graniti Fiandre special award at the Dedalo Minosse Prize.

FGMF Architects Corujas Building

At the Dedalo Minosse International Prize for Commissioning a Building, a special award was presented by event sponsor Graniti Fiandre to the Corujas Building project by FGMF Architects.

The Corujas office building is located in Vila Madalena, a bohemian district in São Paulo (Brazil) known for its lively cultural and arts scene, where the human dimension and relationships among people are an essential element of life.
In this context the idea inspiring the architects of FGMF was to create "more human" spaces for working in. The building contains offices of various different sizes and non-conventional spaces such as big arcades for outdoor meetings and private gardens.
The architects had to stay under the 9 metre height limit, so they decided to separate the building into two separate volumes with a horizontal orientation. Green roofs give the offices on the top floor of the building their own private gardens.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: FGMF Architects
Location: Vila Madalena, São Paulo - Brazil
Images courtesy of FGMF Architects ph. Rafaela Netto

Website: www.fgmf.com.br
Facebook: www.facebook.com.br/fgmf
Instagram: @fgmf


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