FAB Milano INSIDE TOWN Fuorisalone 2016


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Fiandre invites visitors to Fuorisalone 2016 to an imaginary city! Inside Town is a micro-metropolis built on a scale of 1:100, where Maximum Fiandre Extralite® ceramic tiles are used to build tiny walls and decorating elements.

FAB Milano INSIDE TOWN Fuorisalone 2016

Fiandre’s installation for Fuorisalone 2016, presented at FAB Architectural Bureau at Via Solferino 40, Milan, is an imaginary city: INSIDE TOWN, made possible by the versatility of Maximum Fiandre Extralite® ceramic tiles, put to a new use here. A micro-metropolis built to a scale of 1:100, with mirrors around the outside to draw the public into a game of different perspectives and views.

At the entrance to Inside Town, visitors get a preview of the city skyline in perspective before being transported into the futuristic atmosphere of the main exhibition area. Peeking into the tiny apartments in the buildings of various sizes that make up INSIDE TOWN, the bathroom, kitchen and living room furniture may be glimpsed; like the walls of the buildings, the furniture is made entirely out of Maximum Fiandre Extralite® ceramic.

Fiandre chooses a playful, dream-like form of expression to display the versatility of its Maximum collection of large slabs of reduced thickness (300x150 cm and only 6 or 10 mm thick), demonstrating the company’s commitment to research and development of innovative surfaces for architecture such as the new SapienStone, a product combining Maximum surfaces with a special substrate for working with assembled planes, and Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ technology for producing “eco-active” tiles that break down pollutants in the air, prevent odours and fight bacterial.