Exhibition: A decade of architecture exhibitions

Rudy Ricciotti,

Sport & Wellness, Ville,


10 architects are invited to participate in the tenth architecture exhibition at Villa Noailles, under the title: Aimer, Aimer, Aimer : Bâtir

Exhibition: A decade of architecture exhibitions
At the tenth architecture exhibition in Villa Noailles, 10 architects who have exhibited their work in the villa in the past were invited to present their projects: Rudy Ricciotti / Patrick Bouchain / Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal / Luca Merlini / Anna Heringer / TYIN Tegnestue / Johannes Norlander / Peter Cody / Fran Silvestre / Manuel Aires Mateus.

The organisers wished to draw the public?s attention to the architect?s role in society and to issues in the profession. Each participating architect was asked 3 "simple" queries on which to base their exhibit.

"Yesterday: I would have liked", an unbuilt project that nevertheless remains a remarkable point in the architect?s career;  "Today: I like", the architect?s favourite built project, and "Tomorrow: I would like", a role or project that was never proposed to the architect but which he or she would like to design and build. The intention is to show how architects participate in change in our evolving world.

Title: Aimer, Aimer, Aimer : Bâtir
Dates: February 10 ? March 24 2013
Location: Villa Noailles, Hyères - France
Images: courtesy of Villa Noailles