Emmanuelle Colboc & Associés exhibition, Paris


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Galerie d'Architecture in Paris hosts an exhibition about the work of Emmanuelle Colboc & Associés opening on November 6.

Emmanuelle Colboc & Associés exhibition, Paris

There are no neutral designs in architecture, because it is through design that the architect responds to the problem put to him. Emmanuelle Colboc’s statement provides the inspiration for an exhibition at La Galerie d'Architecture in Paris focusing on the work of his architectural practice, Emmanuelle Colboc & Associés, November 6 through December 5 2015.

The projects on display provide answers to age-old questions, raised once again and examined in a new light, such as the limits on or inclusion of a building in its surroundings; the search to achieve the right scale, meaning composition, density and geometry; designing a building in which other people feel at home; designing housing developments; and avoiding banality in highly technical spaces such as hospitals.
Plans for the projects, on a scale of 1/200, are displayed one after another like a decorative frieze around the walls of the exhibition hall, underlining the fact that topography, composition and geometry are the starting points for design. On a different narrative level, the exhibition addresses the use of space, its density and urban dimension; photographs and videos are the media used to build a sensitive exhibition route emphasising the fluidity and luminosity of spaces, the sensuality of materials, the presence of greenery and dialogue between nature and architecture.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Emmanuelle Colboc & Associés
Dates: November 6 – December 5 2015
Location: La Galerie d'Architecture, Paris

Images courtesy of La Galerie d'Architecture, Paris