DS House: Olivier Dwek’s pseudo-symmetries

Brussels, Belgium,



Olivier Dwek believes we have an ancestral instinct to seek perfect symmetry, but an excess of symmetry bores us. The Belgian architect designed DS House to look symmetrical even though it isn’t.

DS House: Olivier Dwek’s pseudo-symmetries

Olivier Dwek is a Belgian architect with a highly personal concept of symmetry: perfection is boring. Too much symmetry bores us, while flaws and discrepancies add excitement. And so he designed DS House to break out of the box.

The façade of DS House reflects the tension generated between the majesty of perfect equilibrium and the desire to be different, dynamic and unpredictable. It may seem symmetrical at first, but on closer examination it reveals differences and inconsistencies: an illusion that creates a pleasurable sensation of surprise and discovery.
The composition of the home is hard to decipher at first, due to its hollows and overhangs. A number of elements actually have no architectural functions, but are mere sculptural elements serving only to create the impression of flawed symmetry that Olivier Dwek wanted to create.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Design: Olivier Dwek www.olivierdwek.com
Photos: Courtesy of the architect