DAAA Haus interior design for an Indian restaurant in Rabat Gozo

DAAA Haus,

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Transporting customers to another dimension, from an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea to a country full of charm and mystery thousands of kilometres away: this is the challenge taken up by the DAAA Haus studio for the project of the new Trishna Indian restaurant in Rabat, the capital city of the small island of Gozo, in Malta.

DAAA Haus interior design for an Indian restaurant in Rabat Gozo

DAAA Haus, the multidisciplinary architecture and design firm founded in 2009 by Keith Pillow, has recently taken up an interesting challenge, the project of the new Indian restaurant situated in Rabat, the capital city of Gozo, the second island of the Maltese archipelago. The interior design of the restaurant, in fact, needed to create an environment that could ideally transport guests thousands of kilometres away, to India, offering a true experience completed by the scents and flavours of the dishes served.
The multicultural nature of the studio, made up of more than 30 professionals from different origins and countries, including India, certainly played in favour of the project, together with the direct knowledge of Indian culture gained during the planning and creation of the DAAA Mumbai offices. The research carried out proved fundamental in order to identify, in the diversity of Indian culture, key elements based on which to create the experience to be transmitted to the end user through the interior design. An important source of inspiration came from Goa, India's smallest state famous for its white sandy beaches along the Arabian Sea and its spice plantations. Nature thus becomes a fundamental element that characterises the restaurant's internal spaces, used by the architects to recreate an exterior in an interior. To ensure a closer connection to the natural element, green was chosen as the main colour for the restaurant. Different shades of green have been used in the furnishings, in coverings, as well as in the presence of hanging plants that become the main elements for dividing the space into three different zones.
The style of the restaurant has been refined in every aspect and is deliberately excessive, with fabrics featuring geometric patterns, also found in the upholstery, natural materials and objects created specifically by local artisans, such as the lighting fixtures in woven wicker, yet without forgetting typical elements that characterise Indian architecture such as the use of arches or mirrors.
An eclectic but cohesive interior design to celebrate the history and diversity of Indian culture, taking guests on a unique journey completed by the restaurant's gastronomic offer.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of DAAA Haus, photos by Diana Iskander

Project Name: Trishna restaurant
Location: Rabat Gozo

Architects: DAAA Haus https://daaahaus.com/
Photos: Diana Iskander