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Cino Zucchi


Milan architect, Cino Zucchi (1955) graduated from MIT, Cambridge in Art and Design and then Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano (1979), where he currently lectures in Architectural and Urban Design.
Actively engaged in theory and teaching, over the past two decades he has held numerous seminars and conferences at prestigious institutions (Harvard, Florence, Madrid and Zurich).

A member of many international research groups, such as "ARE_Living sull'innovazione abitativa” (ARE_Living and housing innovation), Zucchi chaired the jury for the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2015.
With many articles published in numerous international magazines, including Domus, Casabella, Abitare and Lotus, Zucchi has also written a number of books including "L'architettura dei cortili milanesi 1535-1706” (Electa, 1989), "Asnago e Vender. Architetture e progetti 1925-1970" (Skira, 1999), "Processo e modello in architettura e design" (Silvana, 2016).

With Cino Zucchi Architetti studio (CZA) and the practice’s extensive network of associated professionals, he has designed residential and public buildings (including housing in Venice, Milan and Ancona), and private museums (Abbiategrasso, Milano), with the aim of identifying “new spatial solutions for contemporary living in the complex, delicate context of the European landscape”.
As the architect himself confirmed, his design approach stems from references, combinations and even unusual considerations (architecture and music, literature or film, to name a few), until one can "find the specific character appropriate to the place and theme, even if this character may not be entirely deduced from pure analysis".

He has created numerous well-known and award-winning projects, mainly aimed at redesigning industrial, rural or historically significant areas, such as the D housing complex, Venice (2002), the former Junghans factory, Venice. Comprising a cubic-shaped building, in reinforced steel and concrete, with 16 apartments over 4 floors, the design aims to complement the uniqueness of Venice with modern, non-invasive architecture.
The restoration project for the former Alfa Romeo factory in Portello, Milan (2002-2008) is part of a reinterpretation of this strategic area begun in the nineties by Gino Valle who designed the masterplan and shopping center. Cino Zucchi’s residential complex located behind the shopping center, "the immediate perception is that of a dense settlement created through closed dialog between buildings treated as families of independent individuals linked by assonance, references, repeated details and reflective materials" (Molinari).
The buildings and open spaces are "built on a continuous perception of the surrounding urban landscape and on the pleasure of discovering new views and unexpected perspectives", to demonstrate that architecture can be people oriented, focusing on the space’s quality and energy.

Housing in the area formerly occupied by a ceramics factory in Laveno (2006-2017), with a spectacular view of Lake Maggiore, is the result of a project to optimize both the new open-air neighborhood and lakeside walk.
Other notable projects include the Epano Skala Port, Mytilene-Lesbo (1996), restoration of mining areas in Herten on the Ruhr (2001) and Central Pasila Tower Area, Helsinki (2009), Sector b-2c in the area formerly occupied by the Alfa Romeo factory, Portello, Milan (2008), a housing complex in the former Rossi & Catelli factory, Parma (2011), former Mercato Navile factory, Bologna (2014), Novetredici, Milan (2016), Gruppo M office complex, Milan (2011), Pedrali automated warehouse, Mornico al Serio in the province of Bergamo (2016) and urban improvement scheme at Nuvola Lavazza, Turin (2017).

An active member of the organization and installation of numerous Milan Triennale exhibitions, Zucchi’s body of work has been exhibited many times are the Venice Architecture Biennale. His installation Copycat. Empathy and Envy as Form-makers (2012) was awarded a special mention by the jury for best representing the Biennale’s theme of “Common Ground”.
Cino Zucchi selected works and projects
- Reinventing Paradise: new interiors of the Caffè Paradiso at the Biennale Giardini, Venezia (Italia) 2018
- Nuovo centro direzionale Nuvola Lavazza, Torino (Italia), 2017
- Complesso residenziale dell’area ex Laveno, Varese (Italia), 2017
- Magazzino automatizzato Pedrali, Mornico al Serio, Bergamo (Italia), 2016
- Complesso residenziale Novetredici, Milano (Italia), 2016
- XXI Triennale di Milano. XXI Century: Design after Design, Milano (Italia), 2016
- XXI Triennale Esposizione Internazionale Milano. Sempering: process and pattern in architecture and design, Milano (Italia), 2016
- Almini Shoe store, Milano (Italia), 2016
- Residential building, Milano (Italia), 2015
- New Karnak. Lithic Vertigo at Marmomacc, Verona (Italia), 2015
- Complesso residenziale Sofia Embankment, Mosca (Russia), 2015
- Complesso residenziale dell'area ex Mercato Navile, Bologna (Italia), 2014
- 14th Biennale di Venezia. Innesti/Grafting: Padiglione Italia, Venezia (Italia) 2014
- Holy See Pavilion per EXPO 2015, Milano (Italia), 2014
- “Urban Graft” InfoPoint Pavilion for EXPO Milano 2015, Milano (Italia), 2013
- Boschetsrieder Straße / Ecke Drygalski-Allee, Monaco (Germania), 2013
- Pav Etoile, Ginevra (Svizzera), 2013
- Copycat. Empathy and Envy as Form-makers - Biennale di Venezia (Italia), 2012
- Complesso residenziale dell'area ex Rossi & Catelli, Parma (Italia), 2011
- Salewa Headquarters, Bolzano (Italia), 2011
- Progetto di recupero dell'area ex Alfa Romeo, Nuovo Portello, Milano (Italia), 2008
- Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, Torino (Italia), 2005
- Masterplan nuovo quartiere Cornaredo, Lugano (Svizzera), 2004
- Masterplan Central Pasila, Helsinki (Finlandia), 2003
- D Building - Progetto dell’area Ex Junghans, Venezia (Italia), 2002
- Riforma dell’area mineraria di Ewald, Herten (Germania), 2001
- Museo privato di stampi per tessuto, Milano (Italia), 1999
- Ristrutturazione del quartiere Fiera, Abbiategrasso (Italia), 1997
- Progetto di recupero del porto antico di Epano Skala, Mytilene-Lesbo (Grecia), 1996
- Residenze a Venezia, Abbiategrasso, Ancona, Milano (Italia), Enschede (Olanda), 1994-2008
- Edificio per uffici, Casorezzo, Milano (Italia), 1990-1994
- Spaccio aziendale, Urago d’Oglio (Italia), 1990
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