Venice Villa: FMG terrazzo tiles for exclusive and versatile interiors 

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Tradition, creativity and experimentation are at the heart of FMG’s extensive Venice Villa collection and of the revival of terrazzo tiles. This surface is as fascinating today as it was centuries ago, thanks to its original and dynamic composition with endless variations, for exclusive residential and commercial settings

Venice Villa: FMG terrazzo tiles for exclusive and versatile interiors 
Certain surfaces have left their mark in history because of their unique aesthetic features and have become embedded in collective consciousness as prestigious, artistic and magnificent examples.
For instance, the ancient history of mosaics has been linked to all past civilizations, which makes it one of the first forms of figurative art
In the past and even today, floor and wall tiles have been and are still made using a wide range of materials, such as: marble, available in many different colors and with specific features depending on the quarry from which it is extracted, inlaid wood from the East, which became popular across Europe and was made into panels decorated in artisan workshops and then chosen for noble and royal palaces, and ceramic wall tiles, especially maiolica tiles, first created in the Middle Eastern Mediterranean countries and then exported to the West through trade with the Maritime Republics. 
A variety of different surfaces, all with specific decorative elements in common, and a visual appeal that instantly exceeds their original purpose as cladding. 
In this way, surfaces express the mastery of craftsmanship, the display of beauty and wealth, and the symbolic depiction of cultures and religions.
Such expressive and decorative elements can also be found in the “terrazzo alla veneziana” (Venetian terrazzo tiles), a type of flooring that has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome, although it became popular mainly in Venice during the Renaissance. This unprecedented time in history, and in the history of architecture, lent its name to this texture, which has retained this name to this day.
Initially created as a “poor” kind of flooring, in ancient times terrazzo tiles were made from a mix of materials obtained from processing and demolition waste, held together by lime or mortar.
Therefore, as it was, without any kind of polishing, the compound already displayed its special colorful grains, which became its characteristic aesthetic feature.
However, over the years, terrazzo tile craftsmanship was perfected and these tiles were used to pave the floors of villas and palaces of outstanding beauty, first throughout the Veneto region and in Italy, and later in the rest of the world.
Today, the versatile and eclectic nature of terrazzo tiles is reflected in FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s technical ceramics.
While constantly focusing on technical and aesthetic innovations, the Iris Ceramica Group brand therefore adds a contemporary twist to the design of terrazzo tiles, adapting their traditional look to modern daily living requirements.
In the last few years, in order to keep up with the latest style trends, terrazzo tiles have also been used for creating furnishing accessories (tables, chairs and shelves). Thus the Venice Villa collection, with its two souls Venice and Rialto, is offered as an elegant and appealing solution for residential and commercial settings with a strong personality.
In fact, the FMG catalog features many classic materials that give new meaning to the relationship with tradition, history and craftsmanship. 
In this sense, Venice and Rialto mark a “return to the past” expressed through the use of a high-tech, full-bodied material ensuring high performance and capable of combining beauty and design in a single product.
The collection features fine grit in different colors, which can be described as “pleasantly messy”: elegant and appealing patchwork, with a color palette ranging from neutral hues to a selection of brighter colors that add warm, dynamic and vibrant nuances to any surface.
Available in conventional sizes and in 3 different finishes – natural, polished and sandblasted (a structured finish with a texture that feels slightly rough to the touch) – Venice Villa is also suitable as a furnishing and designer element offering “an evocative blend of tradition and creativity, retro trends and experimentation”.
Venice Villa technical ceramic flooring, reminiscent of the domestic and welcoming atmosphere of Venetian palaces, stands out for its highly attractive design and distinctive classic elegance.

Marco Privato