Urban living design: City and Mile_Stone by Porcelaingres

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Inspired by observation of natural stone, Porcelaingres’s City and Mile_Stone porcelain surfaces underline the technical and aesthetic performance of new generation porcelain, following in the path of an ancient tradition of working with stone

Urban living design: City and Mile_Stone by Porcelaingres
Worked stone, eroded by time, in the colours of the earth, with unique, unrepeatable effects. These are the evocations that emerge from home flooring materials in an urban style, conveying the mood of the cities where people choose to live, work and establish ties.
Of all the spaces in the home, the living room is the one that says the most about us, our tastes and desires, through the evolution of the ceramics industry, with astounding aesthetic results. Floors, walls, countertops and furnishing accessories for urban living and open spaces are no longer secondary elements, becoming true images and representations of nature.
This vision of flooring for the home clearly emerges in the City and Mile_Stone collections presented by Porcelaingres.
Different collections sharing a desire to represent daily life in all its forms, with all the colours of urban architecture: white, grey and black, along with beige and anthracite, sand and rust hues.
Mile_Stone was created by observing the evolution of stone in nature and traditional ways of working with it. Ever since prehistory, man has found stone to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration, an archetype that still conveys all the security and power of the earth. 
Produced in 4 variants on the theme of erosion, Mile_Stone shows what makes stone an unrepeatable, surprising material, capturing " the human experience as if in an indelible photograph and making us feel at home everywhere".
Dynamic and elegant, the City porcelain tile collection goes through "all the indoor styles of today’s cities", underlining the aesthetic features of porcelain in any room in the home with six colours applicable to any kind of modern or contemporary decorating style, thanks to the versatility and performance of high-tech porcelain. Based on a traditional colour range, City is a truly innovative product representing contemporary design of surfaces for the home.

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